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Across the country, hundreds of colleges and universities are beginning to adapt to students’ growing need for a quicker way to achieve a college degree. In December 2016, Amarillo College began offering students the option to enroll in eight-week classes. 

Although the idea of finishing a semester-long class in eight weeks sounds appealing, it also comes along with a heavy load of schoolwork. It is extremely important for students to learn about tips and resources to have a successful eight-week course.

“In order for students enrolled in eight-week classes to succeed they need to stay organized, learn to say ‘no’ to distractions and interruptions, ask for support, avoid procrastination and create a time management plan,” Amy Pifer, the first year experience coordinator, said. 

“AC also offers a number of resources for students, such as tutoring, testing taking strategies and suggestions for studying,” said Pifer. “There is also a counseling service open to all AC students to help manage stress or any other needed service.”

At first, eight-week classes were more common at two-year colleges such as AC, but Grant Sabadash, a film major, is taking shorter classes at the University of Colorado this semester. 

“I feel like my university does a great job making the short courses doable for students. This is my second semester taking eight-week courses and I honestly prefer them over normal length classes,” Sabadash said. 

He added that taking shorter classes requires greater self-discipline. “If students want to excel in the fast pace environment, they need to manage their time wisely and create a routine with their class or classes.”

Students and faculty say a key to succeeding in fast-paced classes is proper time management. 

“The biggest piece of advice I can give is to buy a planner,” Kasey Celniker, a political science major, said. “The key to doing well in eight-week classes is creating a good schedule for your classes that will help you get work done on time.” 

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