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By Melissa Sandoval

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This school year, Amarillo College will be offering a new virtual series called Adulting 101, which is a variety of classes that will be focusing on financial literacy hosted by Student Life and Career and Employment Services. 

“Over the summer, Student Life and the Student Government Association discussed the needs of AC students,” said Jenna Welch, the student life coordinator. 

“Several topics that were identified related to ‘adulting’ skills, or things one should know as an adult. With this idea, SGA narrowed down the possible subjects to ones that supported financial literacy—an important topic that is often not taught in traditional education settings,” Welch said.

The first session of Adulting 101 was held at noon on Sept. 22 and it focused on banking and included a guest speaker from Amarillo National Bank.

“The virtual event was well attended and prompted a lot of questions from participants,” said Welch. “It was very informational, the ANB speaker explained the ins and outs of banking, including different accounts, debit cards and more.” 

Welch said that students seemed to have appreciated the session, as those who tuned in remained for the entire program, but official feedback has not been collected yet.

“I think it is a really cool thing that AC does,” said Carmen Nava, SGA member and criminal justice major. “Not many people learn things like this in high school, so AC is giving that opportunity for people to join the call and ask any type of questions. It is a safe zone and they don’t judge you.”

There will be one session each month focusing on a different topic and every session will be hosted by Student Life, SGA, AC’s Career and Employment Services and a guest speaker from a financial institution. In each session they will also be offering a $25 gift card to a randomly selected student participant.

“The next session of Adulting 101 will cover budgeting, and will be held at noon Oct. 8 via Zoom,” said Welch. “Another session covering credit will be held at noon Nov. 12.”

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