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People across the nation are speaking out against injustice and discrimination, and the leaders of the Amarillo College Student Life department say they are working to support this movement and enhance the college experience for all students. The goal is to promote an environment committed to helping students with personal, educational and professional development, Student Life officials said. 

According to Jenna Welch, Student Life coordinator, the department is working with the Student Government Association and the AC employee diversity team to advocate for anti-racism on campus. 

“We support various student organizations so that there is a place for everyone to feel like they belong,” Welch said. 

Amber Hamilton, the director of Student Life, said they have recently launched a Hispanic student association and a Black student union.

“While these initiatives are still in the works, we are committed to supporting this endeavor,” Welch said. 

“Student Life embraces an inclusive college environment,” Hamilton said. 

Student Life recently held an event called Statistics Speak featuring signs talking about how people experience discrimination in different ways. The signs mentioned everything from racism to sexual discrimination. 

One of the posters read, “Black and brown people are 20% more likely to get shot to death by cops than any other ethnicity combined.”

The goal of the event was to connect to students on a personal level and to show everyone gets discriminated against in different ways, Welch said. 

“Our long term goal is to keep reflecting on our practices and learning how to best serve our students,” she said. 

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