ARC saves the day: a little help goes a long way

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By Jennifer Fernandez, Staff Reporter

During spring and summer classes filled with uncertainty, Amarillo College has taken steps to ensure that students have access to what is essential to their well-being.

With numerous businesses closed or cutting back on employees, many students have lost their income, but the Advocacy and Resource Center, also known as the ARC, is providing emergency grants for students in need. 

When we reached the end of the spring semester, finals became the main focus for many students. Some, like myself, had been preparing for final projects for several weeks. Naturally, this was also when I began experiencing computer troubles. 

Since I did not have access to another computer at home to do schoolwork, I began to panic. All the files I needed for finals could have been lost.

I contacted the ARC and they directed me to someone in information technology who could take a look at my broken computer. 

In just a few days’ time, the ARC and the college’s information technology department were able to diagnose my computer issue, order a part that needed to be changed and install it in my computer. 

With classes getting ready to end for the semester, I had a lot to juggle. It was a weight lifted off me to be able to turn to my school for some support.

The mission of the ARC is to provide resources to students through the school and community. The purpose is to eliminate barriers that could interfere with student success.

The ARC provides a clothing closet, a food pantry, baby resources, scholarships and social services. More than ever, these resources that are so valuable to students and their families are being acquired through the help of the ARC. 

Through a partnership with the High Plains Food Bank, the school has also continued to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to students.

Many college students work part-time jobs and face hardships while trying to earn an education. Programs such as the ARC are most essential to us. 

With a brighter future in mind, there is also the journey of dedication and perseverance. It feels good to know that the staff at AC understands what it is like to be a student and is there to offer us the support we need to succeed.

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