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By Jessika Fulton, Staff Reporter

 “Aj and the Queen” was a series I just could not stop watching. In fact, I watched the whole series in two days. 

It’s a hilarious off-the-wall Netflix original that leaves viewers jumping out of their seats screaming, “What are you doing?”

The series follows the journey of Robert, a down-on-his-luck drag queen known as ‘Ruby Red’ played by RuPaul, who travels in an RV across America accompanied by a 10-year-old stowaway named AJ, played by Izzy G. 

Along the way, Ruby gets the chance to step back into the spotlight and AJ comes up with a few crafty plans to earn some extra money. 

While in Texas, however, they hit a snag that sends their trip into a thrilling chase.

 Everything shortly comes to an end when they roll into the “Miss Drag USA” pageant. 

Now if the plot description wasn’t interesting enough, the characters’ backgrounds are mind blowing. 

AJ is a 10-year-old whose mother is a drug addict and prostitute. 

Due to her mother’s lack of care, she becomes homeless and her mother goes missing, leaving AJ to scavenge for herself. This leads her to stowaway in Robert’s RV to get away from her life in poverty. 

Meanwhile, Robert, AKA Ruby Red, is an infamous drag star who has spent countless nights saving up $100,000 to open a club with his boyfriend. Little does Robert know, however, that his boyfriend is a gold-digging ex-con who steals his money and runs, leaving Robert to go on a cross-country tour to earn some extra cash. 

I love RuPaul and his hit series “RuPaul Drag Race,” so when I learned that he had written and directed this series, it was a must see. 

Of course, RuPaul couldn’t have a series without his beloved queens like Bianca Del Rio, Porkchop, Latrice Royal, Katya and many more. 

Seeing the queens act as extras was jaw dropping and made the series so much better to me. 

Overall it was a hit for me because of the duo’s constant laughs and adventures. It is a perfect series to watch on the couch with a bowl of popcorn to relieve everyday stress.

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