AC Testing Center accommodates student needs

By Anthony Cruz/Staff reporter

Most people hate tests, but that’s not the case at the Amarillo College Testing Center. 

“We do a variety of tests every day,” Stephanie Brackett, testing services director, said. 

Providing a secure place for prospective students, current, students and the community is the Center’s mission.

“I give anxiety for living,” Testing Specialist Ryan McDonald-Willey said.

Along with tests for AC classes, the Center administers a number of certification tests for local businesses, law enforcement agencies and organizations. 

“We give the GED exam and we give a lot of the certification exams for the city, the fire department, physical trainers, athletic trainer certification, so we fix a variety of tests from about 20 different companies that we test for,” she said.

The Center also provides accommodations for students with disabilities. 

“That’s going to require sometimes an isolated testing space, so they just have one person in the room. And that’s one of the accommodations they give and then also the extended time, so instead of keeping a whole class for double time for this one student, they’ll send them students over here to test over here,” Bracket said.

Another test they give is the TSI, which tests for college readiness and costs $35 to take.

McDonald-Willey said many people travel long distances to take tests at the Center.

“We have people coming in as far as far down past Lubbock real drive up here, like Odessa, will drive here to take the test, because no one is closer,” he said.

The Center is located in the Student Services Center and is open Monday through Saturday.

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