It’s not just a man’s world

By Caylee Hanna/Staff Reporter

REVIEW-Using entertainment to combat gender inequality is a great idea. Unfortunately, a Bravo television series misses the mark.

“In a Man’s World”  aims to shine a light on how differently people treat men and women, but unconvincing makeup and predictable situations left me disappointed.

“In a Man’s World,” released in October, 2019, features four women who dress up and transform into men, with the help from makeup artists as well as skilled voice and movement coaches, in order to see how society treats them versus how they were treated as women. The show is basically a social experiment over gender roles in modern society. 

The first woman on the show that was transformed into a man was Emily Dubby who is a top-ranked pool player. She used her gender as a way to stand out in the pool business, but always received sexist comments from other players. While on the show, she gets transformed into Alex to see if there is any form of gender bias in pool. Dubby has to change the way that she played pool and talked to the people that she was competing against.

I figured that Emily would not receive the same comments as Alex, and I was right. The ending of this episode was a little shocking, since the reveal of her actual gender was a surprise to the people that saw the reveal.

Shital Patel, a business development manager for an energy company, grew up in an Indian-American family and decided to see how she is treated differently in her culture when she is presented as a male. At the end of the fourth episode, she realized that she did get treated with more respect while she was presented as a man.

My reaction to this episode was that I was a little shocked, but I was not surprised by the results. From my knowledge the culture in India is very male-based, so I figured Patel would be treated more respectfully and would be acknowledged more in public.

In my opinion, the women don’t even look like real men when they are transformed. Although I like the idea and meaning behind this show, I can tell that there are prosthetics being used in the finished product so it seems like all of the reactions received from the experiment are fake. The show is also very predictable since the results are that the women get treated differently as a male rather than a female.

I feel like this show does shine light on the way that we view genders in society. I think that it is a good reminder that we should treat each other equally instead of viewing issues based on gender.

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