New Student Government Representatives

A Ballot Box

Congratulations to the new members of the Student Government Association! Elections were held last week and here are your new representatives:

Sewar Ali, Sydney Goodson, Jasper Divina, Kitawny Molina, Isabel Arjon, Abigail Parton, Ciarra Thurman, Johnny Guzman, Nahomi Zamudio, Abraham Morales, Faviola Perez, Jacob Bustos, Mya Engert, Myra Aleman, Edgar Flores, Miguel Flores, Bethany Saldana, Gilbert Melendez, Hope Demery, Zing Lian, Jerika Balfour, Jorge Soriano, Luis Ibarra, Garret Miller, Hope Saldivar, Jose Pedroza, Lexi Schaben, Valeria Garcia, Tania Amaya, Jasmine Delreal, and Karalee Tiller

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