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Local elections are right around the corner, and odds are, you’re going to be bombarded by people telling you that you need to go vote. We, The Ranger Staff, are here to tell you why you shouldn’t bother showing up to the polls. If you don’t get educated, that is. 

You absolutely should vote, especially in local elections. Often, people overlook these elections because they think they don’t matter, but that simply isn’t the case. The issues and candidates in local elections are just that — local. 

They’re right here in our community, and they directly impact the things we do on a day-to-day basis. Why anyone would ignore the opportunity to be vocal about what we need from our community leaders is really beyond us.

However, just because you have the right to vote doesn’t mean you have to. If you aren’t going to brush up on the candidates and figure out where you stand on the issues at hand, we would much rather you stay at home, nestled beneath the rock you choose to live under, far, far away from our polls. 

We’ve been studying up for weeks, maybe even months, just so we can make the absolute best decision for ourselves and our community. The last thing we need is for you to rush in at the last minute, compelled by peer-pressure to cast your uneducated vote for Dumb & Dumber to take over the city.

The bottom line is, we need you to put in the work. It isn’t that difficult — you could fill a whole baseball stadium with the amount of information about the ballots online. You just have to take a short break from all the memes and cat videos. 

If you really want to be heard or even see a change in this city, you have to vote. If you want your vote to be effective, you have to do your own research, form your own opinions and use them. Get out there and get educated, Amarillo. We’ll see you on May 4.

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Illustration by Katie Milburn

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