Breakups 101


By MARCUS HUMPFREY, Staff Reporter |

Surviving romantic breakups can lead to emotional, physical or mental trauma.  

At Amarillo College, there is counseling offered to people experiencing relationship difficulties or going through a breakup.

“Breakups aren’t something that can be conquered overnight,” Lindsey Eggleston, Counseling Center coordinator, said. 

“Regular counseling can get you headed in the right direction,” Eggleston said, adding that talking to someone about emotions can be healthy and can move people in a new direction. “A breakup can result in a stronger and better you,” she said.

After a breakup, “students should not overindulge in alcohol beverages,” Kristen Barrick, an AC licensed professional counselor, said. 

Turning to alcohol or drugs to numb feelings will merely cover up problems, but issues can resurface later with the same impact, she said.

After a breakup, Eggleston recommends watching some of your favorite TV shows, funny videos, Instagram or stand-up comedy. “It’s OK to smile” in the mist of grieving the loss of a breakup. “This may be just what you need,” she said.

“A breakup from a long-term relationship can leave you with regret and hate, which can be hazardous to your recovery,” said Marc Arteus, a mass media major who has survived a breakup. 

Although breakups are painful, they are survivable, he said, adding that a breakup doesn’t have to break you down.

The Amarillo College Counseling Center is located in the Vice President of Student Affairs Suite on the second floor of the Ware Student Commons. For an appointment call 806-371-5900 and a counselor will work you in. 

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