Greece is the word


By JEREMY STITSWORTH, Staff Reporter |

Twenty-one Amarillo College students will spend their spring break in Greece this year as part of the AC Study Abroad Experience led by Courtney Milleson, a speech instructor, and sponsored by the AC Honors Committee.

“The trip gives the students an opportunity to not only travel but also a chance to experience a different culture,” said Diego Caetano, a music professor, who will also accompany the students to Greece. The travelers will visit Athens, the Parthenon and the Temple of Delphi, along with many other sights significant to Greek culture.

The trip will also serve an academic purpose according to Milleson. “If you really look at everything we study here,” Milleson said, “Greece is the birthplace of everything.” The sciences, the arts and even the government all come from Greece, she said.

Students from a variety of majors are attending the trip. “This will actually be my second time on a plane,” Kenedi Victor, a general studies major, said. “The first was when I went on the Paris trip last year, but I’m really excited for the trip to Greece.”

The faculty sponsors say they are also getting excited about the trip. “I’m looking forward to the concerts and music of course,” Caetano said.

Milleson said that Greece has always been on her “bucket list” and she’s glad she has this opportunity. She added that traveling gives the instructors and professors who lead the trip a new experience as well, and that going on the tours transforms her into a student. “It’s great to be a learner, to be challenged by new ideas, conversations. It’s powerful.”

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