Resolutions are hard


By JACOB MCGEE, Staff Reporter |

New Year’s resolutions … every year a majority of us make them, succeed in keeping them for a couple of months and then burn out. Why don’t we follow through on these self-improvement plans?

Time, exhaustion, money and comfort are all major factors as to why people can’t and don’t keep their resolutions.

Resolutions are hard to start and diligently keep up. It takes drive to see them through and, let’s face it, if you skip it once it’s easier to skip it the next time.

Exhaustion is another common roadblock. We just get tired of the routine. It loses its appeal and we give up.

People also don’t stay on track with their resolutions because of lack of money. They either run out or spend it somewhere else.

This results in putting the resolution on the back burner. Unfortunately, we always find something else to spend the money on.

Lastly, this new activity puts us out of our comfort zone and our natural response is to rebel, which is what makes us give up or quit.

New things are good for all of us as they stretch us into new growth. Resolutions fall into that category.

When we are able to keep them, they show us what we can achieve if we stick with it. But, if we don’ t- or – can’t, keep them, it’s OK.

There is always next year, I believe that taking them one step at a time each day makes the most sense.

The journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step … or roll I guess. You just have to have the courage to take it.

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