Change of majors sparks success

maverick evans

By JD TUCKER, Staff Reporter ¦

Maverick Evans is a psychology major at Amarillo College. But he hasn’t always been on the psychology path, nor did he start his college career at AC.

Evans started college at West Texas A&M as a theater major, as that was his passion throughout high school.

“At first I was just following a girl I liked into theater. But it helped me find a good outlet for my creative brain,” Evans said.

He got involved in theater and studied it for four years under Dave Eurich, helping mainly with the outdoor play “Texas.” Evans worked in the scene shop doing metal work and carpentry.

“I really enjoyed my time working on the play. I learned a lot and I liked working at the amphitheater,” Evans said.

It was around this time however that Evans realized theater was not for him.

“I loved theater, but I got more involved with my faith and realized it was going to take me in a direction I didn’t want to go in.”

That is when Evans decided to go into mass communication. He said he chose mass communication because of the “wide range of opportunity in that field.”

But, as he continued, he learned that his real passion was going to be in the psychology field.

Evans’ family has many first responder friends. They told him that many people in that field have mental issues like PTSD and anxiety that they need help with, and the ones who seek psychiatric help do much better. So Evans decided that he would like to spend his energy helping people with those types of problems. Evans said he has his own struggles with anxiety and says that the biggest reason he is in psychology is to help himself.

“I am attracted to psychology first and foremost, to heal myself. In a way, psychology has chosen me, nearly out of necessity,” he said.

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