To be honest with you

By Sir Garen Grayson:

It seems like giving your honest opinion is a trap. For example, when asked, “Does this dress make me look fat?” If you say “yes,” they get mad at you after they asked for your input. But if you say “no,” they start complaining about how you’re wrong. You just can’t win.

Or let’s say you have a producer friend who plays you one of their tracks, then asks if you like it or not. Now you know they are expecting a yes, but you just weren’t feeling the song. Eventually, you tell them, “It isn’t for me,” and now you are getting lectured about how much time, blood, sweat and tears went into making it.

All-in-all it seems to me that people only want honesty when it boosts their egos instead of actually wanting the truth and that bothers me. It should be OK to tell it how it is without being shamed for it.

It annoys me when someone tells me, “It’s fine.” Nah, dude, it’s not. I need the input and feedback, so I can improve my weaknesses. My feelings will not be hurt.

You post pictures on social media saying, “Felt ugly today, oh well” and I comment agreeing with what you said, how does that make me the bad guy? Just admit you were fishing for compliments from randoms on the Internet and keep it moving.

This can even happen to celebrities. A fake story about the performer Logic came out that stated he said, “I was happier single than married” and then filed for divorce. People were genuinely upset about this, saying how “disappointed” they were with him, and how “a real man would never do such a thing.”

But what the hell should he have done? It’s not like he had many options, either he stays in a marriage he isn’t happy with or cheats, gets caught and loses respect, fans and endorsement deals. Logic was upfront and honest by letting her know face to face what the issue was. I think it was the right thing to do.

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