Movie features VR future

By Kiara Allen:

A virtual reality film based on ‘80s pop culture, “Ready Player One” is a vivid mashup of “Jumanji” and “Tron.” The movie is directed by Steven Spielberg and could be described as a futuristic film that takes viewers on a pixelated journey to save the “Oasis,” a video game created by James Halliday that became the glue of a broken, American culture.

I predicted this movie would be just like every other futuristic action movie that has come out in the last year, but to my surprise, it is not. What sets the film apart from the others in its category, are the ‘80s pop culture references scattered throughout the film. From the soundtrack of the movie to a scene recreating the ‘80s horror film “The Shining,” “Ready Player One” does a great job of adding the nostalgic essence to the theater. The acting is up to par with a hand full of well-known actors filling the cast and the plotline is simple and easy to follow.

My one critique of the film is a lack of character and relational development. Parts of the movie feel fairly awkward or rushed because Spielberg puts too much emphasis on the plotline and not the characters and their relationships with each other. Looking back, some things do not line up and could have been accounted for had the film taken time to explain them.

Even though the characters are simplistic, the story is captivating and the plotline is exciting. “Ready Player One” is one of the most fun movies I have seen in theaters in a while and its shortcomings are hidden by vivid visuals and the celebration of pop culture.

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