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By Stevi Breshears:

Earlier this semester, the Amarillo College Student Government Association surveyed students to see what they wanted changed on campus.

After several rounds of surveying and a few focus groups, it became overwhelmingly clear that students wanted more food options.

“We started with the simple question of, ‘Hey, what are three things you would like to see changed on campus?’” said SGA President Justin Johnson. “From that, we were told the top choice was food. Students wanted to see an improvement of the food options on campus.”

While there are a few choices for food, many students want options for healthier, less expensive food, as well as something available later in the day so that they are able to eat in between classes

“We broke it down to what kind of food students wanted to see, what type of food and how they want it brought about,” Johnson said.

“There were a lot of people that wanted something healthier, rather than just the vending machines. There were also a lot of people that wanted a bigger variety.”

At the board of regents meeting on April 24, it was announced that there will be a proposal request over the summer for a rotation of food trucks that would begin in the fall on both the Washington Street Campus and the West Campus.

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