Greenhouse update; new degrees available

The greenhouse is located on the Washington street campus. Classes will begin in Fall 2018. Photo by Claire Ekas

By Blass Guerrero:

A new facility being built on Amarillo College’s Washington Street Campus is nearing completion.

Construction is taking place on what used to be parking lot spaces on the east side of the campus by the science lab building. Construction is scheduled to be complete by June 2018.

Gerek Burford, the greenhouse director, said the facility will be ready for student use in the fall semester.

“No major delays on the construction, everything is still on schedule,” he said, adding that that the outside part of the structure is almost complete, and they are now working the inside of the building.

The new greenhouse will provide new opportunities for students in the STEM fields. It will contain labs and research facilities.

Seth Molina, a STEM major, said the new greenhouse will help him with his studies.

“I will be able to get a new hands-on experience with new technologies and I don’t have to wait until I transfer to a university.”

Some students said they are not happy that the greenhouse is taking up parking space on campus. “It’s really difficult to find a parking spot and it would have been great if it was somewhere else, but nevertheless I’m excited for new opportunities coming to AC,” Joanna Ramirez, a business major, said.

In conjunction with building the greenhouse, AC is starting new degrees and certificates in biochemistry, environmental science, horticulture and sustainable resource management.

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