Ping pong with the president

By Blass Guerrero, Ranger Reporter:
On May 2, the winner of the intramural sports ping pong tournament, Hamza Teodosic, competed with AC President Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart in a single match at the Burrow.
“I just offered to play the winner of the student ping pong championship with the president,” Lowery-Hart said. 
Teodosic, a physical therapy major, won the tournament. “This was a fun and great way to get to know Dr. Lowery-Hart,” he said.

The tournament lasted for half an hour with Lowery-Hart’s defeat and another victory for Teodosic. For his loss, Lowery-Hart promised to take Teodosic out for lunch. “I got to know him before, about his major and what school he came from, and I’ll get to know him more,” Lowery-Hart said.
Lowery-Hart added that he wants to continue to get involved and interact with students. “This is something I want to do more of… have intentional opportunities to interact with other students in a fun environment. For me, it’s an opportunity to understand what students experience and what’s working, where there pain points and frustration points are and I always look forward towards those opportunities,” he said. 
For more activities like the ping pong tournament, visit the Burrow or contact Trent Oneal, Intramural Coordinator, at 806-371-5965 or by email at

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