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By Santos Romero:

Working toward a college degree while still in high school sounds like a pretty good deal to most students. Amarillo College has a program that does just that.

AC defines the program as a cooperative partnership between a high school and the college that awards both college and high school credit in courses that meet the requirements of both institutions.

An initiative for high school students to enroll in the dual credit program is the price. Dual credit classes cost much less than the courses college students pay for. AC charges high school students $50 per college hour, so a three-hour course would be $150 and a four-hour class would be $200.

“Dual credit saved me a large amount of money when college enrollment came around,” David Preciado, an engineering major, said.

The dual credit program at AC has helped many high school students in gaining college credits and college experience before walking the stage.

Not only does the dual credit program save high school students money in advance, the program also gives students a look at the difference between high school and college curriculum.

“It has helped give me a little insight into the time and effort it takes to be in college,” Maddie Brasher, a current dual credit student, said.

Dual credit teaches high school students the essential skill of balancing multiple things going on in their lives. This keeps students from going into college without an understanding of the responsibilities to come.

Brasher said taking dual credit classes has helped her work on her time management skills and study habits, especially while having other class work, sports and a job.

AC, along with many other high schools around the area, have teamed up to give students opportunities to get college experience and will continue to give these opportunities to future students.

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