Holiday Tips:

By Arbnore Haiti:

It’s that time of year again! Lights starting to pop up on people’s houses, Mariah Carey’s Christmas album is on repeat, and my personal favorite change with the season, snow! Well at least hopes of snow, but one thing I have always been blessed with without fail every Christmas is an abundance of friends and family, and a chance to celebrate with each other during this wonderful season. So how do you plan the perfect party gathering during this time? Putting together parties can be complicated and messy, but with such a great setting most of the usual party stresses are made easy.

There are however still a few necessities for every Christmas get together. Of course, you need a place to hold a party, some solid, fun decorations, and tasty food. My sister makes a great eggnog that has become a must-have for our family. So have a tradition that you’ve done for some time or create a new one with dear friends. We love exchanging gifts while enjoying hours of conversation, and giving anyone that has too much of the eggnog a hard time. Bring some question games that bring out deep conversations and maybe some insight on one another.

All the Christmas trinkets and holiday treats can add up to one heck of a night of celebration. Consider making bite-size treats such as brownie bites. Also, add funny holiday figurines to spark up a fun conversation. But the truth that lies behind getting the most out of a great Christmas party is as simple as sharing your love with the people around you, taking the time to appreciate everyone’s company, and being grateful to be alive for yet another Christmas.

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