Construction builds frustration:

By Brett Herring:

When will it stop? It’s understandable that we have an allotted amount of funds to spend a year on construction and we have to use it. Is shutting down the town really worth it? I’m sure my boss is tired of me calling and telling her a new street has shut down or added construction and I’m going to be late again. I know that we as a community are growing in a fast nature and it’s helpfully to have a better highway system. Shutting every lane and exit down multiple times a week is just ridiculous.

All this construction just makes everyday life so much harder than it already is. I can’t blame Amarillo. I recently traveled to Austin and the whole trip down was covered in construction it’s like Texas in general is under construction. What happened with the Bell Street overpass? It’s like it was about to fall at any moment and that’s why we had to shut it down indefinitely until it was fixed up so no one was badly injured.

The new I-27 overpass, like come on, it just opened up and now we’re expanding it after it’s been open for like a week or two. I know all this isn’t about me but I feel my whole life is covered in construction right now. With no easy way for me to make it to work, school or even back to my house from these same places. I’m just tired of traveling through my own town being so difficult and cluttered.

What makes the construction the most unbearable are the drivers in this town. Not paying attention to the signs. They give you warning for like a thousand feet. Why do most people wait until the last minute to get over when a lane is shutting down. They cause more of the problems with the highway construction than anybody. Yes, there are speed signs telling you to slow down, but seriously you don’t need to go 20 on the highway. I just can’t wait for the construction to be over slow down immensely, then my life can go slightly back to normal.

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