Parking spots wither as greenhouse grows:

TASHANA SMITH: Ranger Columnist.

By Tashana Smith:

The Washington Street Campus is already riddled with parking lot issues, from there not being enough parking spots to having the cones put down to block off more parking spaces, students often find themselves driving around to find a parking space when they need to be in class.

Now the college is going to take away more parking spots to build a greenhouse.

Don’t get me wrong, I think having a greenhouse is a good idea, but at whose expense? It’s already hard enough to find a parking spot, but to take away more parking spaces is ridiculous in my eyes.

Parking is a hassle already as it is. There are times your class doesn’t start until the afternoon, but you have to drive to the school two hours beforehand and sit in your car and wait.

In my opinion, it will be much worse due to construction of this new facility.

While I support the construction of the new lab, I think college officials should have considered other options for the location.

As it is, the greenhouse will take away more precious parking spots and will cause more of a hassle for the students and employees.

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