1. The Generation Gap is a very interesting topic because it’s an accurate one. Older generations (parents & grandparents) specifically, are always ridiculing younger generations especially those they are related too. But what they fail to realize is that each era is dramaticaly diffrent from the last. For example it’s just my opinion, but college students are highly more mature then that of the last generation or the era of the baby boomers. I mean for god sakes, Parents of the generation before last taught their daughters to sacrifice more then their sons. Back when gender equality didn’t really exist. My grandparents on both sides of my family, constantly start off a discussion with “back in the day” but again they fail to realize their day is in the past. It’s true are grandparents and parents went through things some of us couldn’t even begin to imagine. However, our generation has endured their very own experiences that older generations will never even fathom. Most of all its really frustrating when older generations think they know more then you just because your younger, That is basically just another form of bias and bigotry, which I simply find insulting. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for respecting my elders. But I’m also more in favor of respecting all human beings, regardless of age or generational differences.

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