AC and WT artists work together to paint mural

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Students in the Amarillo College Art Collective and the West Texas A&M Art Club will soon be working together to paint a mural commemorating the 125th anniversary of Amarillo National Bank.

The mural will be located on a wall at Sixth Street and Fillmore in downtown Amarillo. The wall is 100 feet long and 28 feet high.

“The goal of this mural is to do something that is going to be amazing to look at and grab people’s attention,” Stephanie Jung, AC art instructor and Art Collective co-sponsor, said.

“The mural is going to be in a good spot in an open parking lot where traffic starts slowing down, so people will be able to see it,” she added.

Aimee Miller, an AC graphic design major, designed the mural.

“Amarillo National Bank wanted a mural that represented its history and Amarillo’s history as well. In my design I tried to incorporate things that I think are the foundation of Amarillo like cattle drives, railroads, the rodeo and stuff like that,” she said.

Both Miller and Jung said they are looking forward to the project.

“I’m really excited about this mural, not only because it is going to be my design, but also because it is going to be a big mural that when people look at it they think, ‘Oh that looks like the Panhandle. This is our place,’” Miller said.

Taylor Rangel, an Art Collective member and biology major, said she is excited but nervous about the project.

“This is something that everybody is going to see. It’s also a great opportunity to finally draw on a wall,” she said laughing.

Jung said the project offers a unique educational opportunity.

“I think we are going to learn a lot from the WT Art Club because they travel throughout the Texas Panhandle to do murals, and they know about this process already,” she said.

The chance to work with students from WT is one aspect of the project that Carly Stewart, an art major and president of the Art Collective, finds appealing.

“I think this is going to be a really good experience and a great opportunity for Amarillo College, since it doesn’t happen very often. I really love that we are collaborating with other schools. I’m really excited to see how it goes,” Stewart said.

The students will begin working on the mural the week after finals. It will take approximately a week to complete.

“Me, as an artist, I don’t expect perfection. This mural is going to be really big. I don’t expect it to be exactly how I designed it, but I hope it reflects my idea,” Miller said.

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  1. Very excited to see how it all turns out! With all the improvements downtown, this will add color and esthetic beauty.

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