SGA wins sweepstakes third year running

SGA members eat breakfast in Houston at TJCSA.

By CHRISTINA GOMEZ, Ranger Reporter:

Amarillo College Student Government Association members have returned victoriously from the annual Texas Junior College Student Government Association convention. The four-day convention began March 30 in Houston. Twenty-three delegates, as well as two advisers, took part in this event where they participated in varying workshops, as well as competitions.

This year, the AC SGA competed in nine out of ten competitions. “We placed in all but two of our competitions and came home with a sweepstakes for the third year,” Logan Nelson, SGA president, said.

“We always go all-out in everything we do so even the week before we left ,we made sure everything was ready to go,” SGA vice president David Robles said. “There was a lot of work put in–even more so than last year. The more competitions you get into, the bigger workload you take on.”

Nathaniel Butler, SGA parliamentarian, said more than 55 colleges joined this convention and over 400 people attended. “Making it to state in itself was quite incredible. A highlight for me was meeting new people from different regions and different colleges from the state of Texas,” Butler said.

Robles elaborated on that note. “Me personally, I always like to not only have a good time but meet new people and make new connections. We have a regional meeting and I try to get to know everyone.”

The theme of the convention was “Leaders Assemble.” Nelson said they attended numerous workshops that focused on leadership. “It was a phenomenal experience. I got to meet the youngest running congressman, Thomas McNutt, and sit in the ‘Winn Workshop,’ which was held by the former Olympian Sherri Winn.”

Some of the workshops helped prepare participants to serve as SGA officers. “My position as parliamentarian deals a lot with Robert’s Rules of Order, therefore I attended some workshops regarding Robert’s Rules and learned how to run a meeting and figured out what actually goes into running one,” Butler said. “It’s my first year as an SGA member so I jumped in not knowing anything, but after attending all these meetings, it all actually makes sense now.”

Robles, who also attended the Robert’s Rules workshop, added, “In the two years I’ve been in SGA, I learned way more from the workshop this year than I did the previous years.”

Robles said this year’s SGA convention served as a learning experience for all the delegates who participated. “One thing I take away is, don’t take anything for granted. We work as a college, as a whole, so we can benefit the community. We try to make it a friendly environment,” he said.

Nelson noted that the convention gave SGA members a chance “to actually get to see and explore different groups and see what we can bring back to our campus and use our diversity to better our campus.”

She said she looks forward to implementing everything they learned. “Each different workshop gave us something to bring back. I can’t wait to bring what we learned from those workshops and incorporate it here at Amarillo College.”

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