Poetry and art will collide

By Sentora Rodriguez, Ranger Reporter:

Writers and artists are getting together to put on a new art exhibit in Amarillo College’s art gallery, the common lobby gallery. It will showcase artwork from students in the art program at well as poetry from the “Freelancer” magazine. Steven Cost, common lobby gallery curator and AC art professor said he is excited for the gallery’s second show this year.

“I thought it would be a good idea that poems in the Freelancer get read,” Cost said. “I arranged for some theater students to come in dressed in all black with shades and maybe a beret on and act out these poems.”

The “Freelancer,” founded in 2004, is a magazine put out by the English department that showcases the talent of many creative students, faculty and staff of AC. Bryant Manning, English instructor and co-chair of the Freelancer, is excited about the redesign of the Freelancer magazine.

“We feature academic prose, poetry, short fiction, photography and art,” Manning said.

1862 is a piece of writing submitted by Cheyenne Chambers, an English major. Chambers won second place for her submission and said she was very surprised and grateful.

“I will submit something every year ‘til I graduate,” Chambers said. “I always write. I keep a notebook with me at all times.”

Cost said this is not the last time the common lobby gallery and the “Freelancer” will be teaming up.

“The dean of the school for creative arts wants to have this show every year,” Cost said. “And the English department is on board to do this again.

The show will open on at 6:00 p.m. Friday April 6, and stay up until April 28. The gallery is in the lobby of the concert hall theater in the music building. The gallery is open during normal business hours of the college.


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