AC Theatre takes the stage in San Angelo

By JOSEPH HANSEN, Ranger Reporter:

 On Feb.28, 2017, the Amarillo College Theatre Program traveled to San Angelo, Texas, to compete in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region 6, or ACTF. Students had the chance to compete, take workshops to improve their craft and see productions from across the region.

“ACTF is sponsored by the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. as a way to foster strong theatre across the country in colleges and universities,” said Monty Downs, one of the theatre department’s professors and directors.

This is also an opportunity for AC students to start making connections with the people they will be working with in the future. ACTF is a platform for students to look at other schools and the productions they put on, influencing where they will transfer after they receive their associates degrees, Downs said.

The types of competitions at ACTF are vast. There are duet competitions called the Irene Ryans, 10 minute scenes, competitions for set and costume design and plenty more.

One student in particular, Alastair Sigala Ramirez, went on to win the Sheila Carmichael design competition for his costume designs in the AC production “King of Shadows.”

“I am honored. All I can do is thank Monty and Ray Newburg for giving me the opportunity to design and teaching me how to go about the creative process behind it,” said Ramirez.

Chris Tarver, another AC theatre major, actually directed a 10 minute scene that made it all the way to the finals.

Tarver’s scene did not make it to nationals, but he said he is still honored to have made it to the finals and to have had the chance to work with like-minded people in his department.

“It’s great seeing someone so passionate and so driven directing a scene. It was a great experience. We did a great scene and we were still recognized for it,” Ramirez said.

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