Please just end this year’s election already

Illustration by Destiny Kranthoven.

By LIZ MOORE, Ranger Reporter:

I’m sure I’m not the only one sick and tired of seeing articles and Facebook posts about the election. Everywhere I turn, there’s something screaming at me off a page or screen telling me that someone did something evil, and to vote for the other person.

I feel like it’s worse with Facebook–friends and family sharing videos and defending one candidate, while inciting a war in the comment section from people who support the other candidate.

There are a lot of people out there deleting friends and family from their Facebook friends list just because of who they’re supporting.

With Texas just being declared a swing state, I decided to really look into these candidates, and not just go off of what the news is saying about them.

I went to each of their websites and looked at their stance on the different issues. However, I know I’m not the only one that thinks this, but how they present themselves to the public is a huge deciding factor.

A candidate’s website can reflect my stances to a perfect T, but if I find their personality atrocious, I’m going to second-guess that vote.

While all the candidates have good stances on many of the main major issues, if their public behavior is atrocious, I cannot hand them my vote.

If the way they talk is completely against my morals, I cannot hand them my vote. If they talk down to people because of their race, gender, or sexual identity, I will not hand them my vote.

I have my morals, and to be honest, almost all of these candidates go against them in some way.

People have been referring to this election as being forced to choose between one evil and another, and I completely agree. This election is deciding between who goes against your moral stances the least.

While I don’t necessarily like the Clinton e-mail scandal, I don’t really like the Trump tapes scandal either.

It’s not right to disclose classified information, and it’s also not okay to talk to or interact with women without consent.

With that, please research your choices before casting your votes. Go to their websites and get actual facts about the candidates, not just opposing views attacking them, and don’t listen to every rumor spread about them.

Be an informed voter.

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