Play to win: How to succeed in college beyond rolling the dice

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College is a game but it’s easier to win if you know the rules, tips and strategies. There is no reason to just role the dice and leave your future up to chance.

When starting a college semester, there is no simple, easy-to-use, readily-available user handbook. College life can be hard but Amarillo College has many resources to help new students acclimate themselves to how things work around campus.

Students can take some simple, yet very effective steps, to achieve their goals during a semester. “Sleep well and drink lots of water,” Driana Bramer, a theater major, said. Dehydration is an obstacle that’s not always obvious but can be very detrimental.”

These aren’t just tips for school, but for life in general. For general health it’s always a good idea to get the rest your body needs and to drink plenty of water.

The next tip seems obvious, but it’s surprising to know how many students fail at this simple task: go to class. Every instructor will affirm that this is probably the most important component to succeeding in college. College isn’t free. Students shouldn’t waste their time and money by not attending classes.

Another obvious, yet often overlooked tip is to study. If a class is harder than expected it’s even more important to study in order to succeed. “Make a study schedule,” Heather Hinkle, a mass media major, said, “Figure out how you learn: audibly, visually, hands-on, and attune your studying to that.”

Finding a good parking spot on campus can be a reoccurring problem even if a student is on time. “To find a good parking space, get up to the campus around when classes get out, not when they’re about to start,” said Hinkle. The trick is to show up early or be prepared for some extracurricular cardio getting to class.

Communication is the mortar that holds together the bricks of success. As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. Talking to instructors and letting them know about any problems or concerns that come up, preferably as far in advance as possible. Instructors want to work with students to help them succeed in their college careers.

Be polite when emailing your instructor. Use a professional tone and correct spelling. Also, be sure to identify yourself clearly and tell the instructor the name of your class and section.

Overall, students must find what works for them. If it’s studying every day, do that. If it’s turning in work months in advance, do that. If it’s waiting until the day it’s due, do that. Each student has to evaluate his or her situation and find a routine that’s comfortable and works.

There are many students, instructors, advisers and staff members who are willing to help any student who needs it at Amarillo College. Everyone is at AC to succeed and all the tools are available to have a successful semester. Stop. Take a breath. Get help if you need it. Succeed.


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