Ziggy’s Virtual Viewpoint: YouTube stop messing with content creators

Phillip DeFranco

By CODY McGEHEE, Ranger Reporter

YouTube is at it again, censoring some of the oldest channels in existence. Today we are going to talk about Philip DeFranco, an American video blogger and personality. Recently I learned that his videos were losing monetization. For those of you who are not content creators for YouTube, monetization is how YouTube content creators make money. YouTube uses an algorithm that analyzes how many views, subscribers, and clicks on ads you receive to determine how much money you make from sponsors that place ads on the videos you produce.

According to DeFranco, who calls his viewers “Beautiful Bastards,” YouTube finds that line “not advertiser-friendly” and is claiming that he is using “excessively strong language.” Now mind you YouTube’s claim is based on the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines that the company has set for the site. So if you are a YouTuber or are interested in making online videos like DeFranco and me, you should know there are rules and YouTube can remove your videos if you violate the Terms of Service.

DeFranco responded, “I love YouTube, obviously they are well in their rights to do this, it’s their damn website, it’s also incredibly f***ing concerning.” He goes on about how his show is based on news topics, which means he will discuss some disturbing and horrible things.

What has happened to DeFranco shows that in the internet world there seems to be an increasing level of censorship and that concerns me. The internet is the world’s place to be open and free to discuss anything. Now mind you, I realize that because of the internet, the media has become less liked and respected. Nevertheless, YouTube has always been a place that many people use to expand their level of creativity and ability to reach a large audience. Now YouTube is starting to censor something as simple as how someone talks. I personally am starting to think that YouTube is focusing on something that the company does not need to worry about. Currently, YouTube has subscribers disappearing from major accounts. The company needs to clarify and support their content creators and not get bought out by major corporations who are simply using content creators to gain free advertising for products.

YouTube keeps changing the policies regarding what can and cannot be put up on the site as content and how the content is used. Could YouTube be seeing a change in users? Could YouTube lose a lot of the creators to other online video services? Could Google lose its number one money making website? Tell me what you think.

Philip DeFranco Video: YouTube is Shutting Down my Channel and I’m Not Sure What To Do. –

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