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Dear Agnes: What do people usually wear under their graduation gowns? Does itmatter? My best friend dareme to “go commando,” but I’m not sure…? First off, I definitely have to veto your friend’s dare to “go commando”! Those graduation gowns can be fickle, and with the unpredictable wind of Amarillo, you never know who you would be flashing. As for what to wear, I think it really only matters if you plan to take photos afterward. Most girls wear a nice summer dress, something cute but comfortable. Most guys wear a button-down shirt with a tie. Wear something that you feel comfortable in, and if you’re the type to wear heels, be careful! Heels can very easily be too difficult to walk in, and you don’t want to have to worry about something like that when you’re walking across the stage. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Whatever you wear, you will look fantastic.

Dear Agnes: I’m about to complete my first year at Amarillo College and I’m ready to get my own apartment instead of living with myparents, but they don’t want me to move out. In fact, they say that if I move out they won’t give me any
more financial support. Even though I have a job, I really need their help to pay for books and part of my tuition, but I am tired of living under their rules and being treated like a child.
What should I do? I know too many people who are in this predicament. Objectively, you need to look at whether or not you can financially support yourself without any assistance from your parents. If the answer is “no,” then I don’t think it’s the best decision to move out. If the answer is “maybe,” then you need to really sit down and look at a budget. Look at how much rent, utilities, tuition, books, car, gas, food, internet and every other bill that will show up every month are. It’s a lot, and if you cannot wholeheartedly say that you can financially support yourself, then you may have to stay with your parents. Now, if you are absolutely confident in your finances, then you also should look into how it will affect your social and academic life. If the only way you can support yourself is by working 50 hours a week, then you’re sacrificing social time and study time. That is a sacrifice you will have to weigh out by yourself. Bottom line, you may have to stay with your parents just a little while longer. My advice to you is to not rush into living on your own. You have the rest of your life to live on your own, so if it looks like it’d be more beneficial to stay with your parents, just hang in for a few more years. They’ll fly by, I promise!

Dear Agnes: I’m about to graduate from AC and my plans were to transfer toa university in San Antonio, but my boyfriend still has another year at AC. He wants me to stay here and go to WT
instead. I really care about him, but I’m also ready to get out of the Texas Panhandle. Should I sacrifice my successful relationship, try to make things work long distance or enroll at WT?
Relationships can be a very powerful thing, and I in no way can understand the entire history of your relationship, but I immediately think that if a relationship is truly strong, then a year of long distance won’t hurt it. I am always preaching that people have to follow their dream. Not what their family’s dream is for them. Not what their boyfriend’s dream is for them. People have to go after the dreams they set in life, because at the end of the day, it is their life to live. I rarely give a legitimate “yes” or “no” answer, but for this one, I have to. Go after your dreams, get out of the Texas Panhandle and see how the long distance goes.

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