AC: 86 years of caring and still going strong

Written BY | Savannah Tarbet |

This year marks the 86th birthday of Amarillo College. To celebrate, AC leaders decided to do random acts of kindness for 86 days from Feb. 11 through May 6. Amarillo College became the first junior college in Texas organized independently of a school district on July 16, 1929, with the first classes conducted in September 1929. During the past 86 years, AC has expanded its curriculum and established six locations across the Texas Panhandle.

Some of the events taking place are coffee in the College Union Building and other campus locations once a week. Employees also put candy in buckets at the tutoring centers. “We decided to do this to celebrate Amarillo College’s 86 years of being,” said Joy Brenneman, change management officer. “The college is 86 years old, and we thought this would be a good way to highlight that by doing some nice things for our students and staff.”

Cara Crowley, chief of staff, explained how the 86 days of kindness will help everyone on campus connect. “This will help show the students that we care,” Crowley said. “It gives an opportunity for individuals who are not faculty to interact and engage with students, because it is more difficult when you’re in some of the service departments.” “It’s very important for faculty and staff to be able to connect with students and get to know who they are and meet them,” Brenneman said. Anyone on any of the campuses can participate.

“Anybody on campus can get involved,” Brenneman said. “Any faculty, student, individual or group that wants to do it is more than welcome.” “We have some random activities where anyone can leave money on a vending machine for a student to have a Coke or snack on a staff or faculty member’s dime,” Crowley said. “At the business office they folded dollar bills to look like frogs and are planning to leave them on campus sometime next week, so there’s plenty of ways for everyone to get involved,” Brenneman said. There is no set list of activities; it’s just random small acts any student or faculty member can come up with that benefit another person on campus.

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