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The most popular kids from Newbury Park, California, are back with some new tunes and now stand two for two as far as solid albums go. Wiped Out! is The Neighbourhood’s second studio release in relief of I Love You (2013) and the followup to their free mix-tape #000000 & #ffffff (which means the black and white). #000000 & #ffffff still is floating around on the Internet for free, as the band intended. Go grab it…now.
Word on the Web is that the band’s creative process with Wiped Out! took much longer than any of its previous projects. This shape-shifting group has grown from project to project, and the latter certainly is a departure from I Love You, but it is exactly what you would expect it to sound like even if it doesn’t enter your ears the way you’re used to. The album’s opener, “A Moment of Silence,” is just that, 30 seconds of nothing. OK, then… The atmospheric “Prey” follows and stands as the album’s true opener and becomes a track you just have to listen to until you know every word. It’s truly an emotional roller-coaster experience in just the hook alone. It stands as the album’s most memorable tune. In the same class, the epic love story “Baby Came Home 2/Valentines” is a tale of lead singer Jesse’s fling with an undisclosed young lady. A sequel to “Baby Came Home” from their debut EP I’m Sorry, the track interludes with a bang and drifts into musical scene-setting.

wiped out
Presumably named after the Johnny Depp classic, “Crybaby” is the all-pop darling and will inspire one to dance or want to fall in love or something. “The Beach” rounds out the endeavor’s heavyweights, perfectly encompassing hip-hop, pop and rock all in one. In other words, supreme happiness. The lead single, “R.I.P. 2 My Youth,” further solidifies that the band is closer to a defined sound. You’re not quite sure what you’re listening to from start to end; the only thing you know is that you love it. It’s an anthem for all who are feeling like their childhood has come to an abrupt end. Dark-horse tracks on Wiped Out! include “Greetings from California” and “Ferrari,” which open up after the third or fourth listen; give them a chance. The majority of the tracks are concluded with minute-long jams or interludes which surely are intended to be listened to whilst under the influence of … candy. There isn’t a song on this project that won’t sneak up on your fancy in some capacity. Jesse Rutherford’s voice will sweep you away to California. Wiped Out! is a must-have and a painless $10 at the music store. Welcome to your new favorite band.

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