October is fun; go out

Whether you’re at the movies, at home or hanging with friends at local coffee shops, there is not much to do on Saturday nights besides the normal bar hopping. Even I have a hard time just staying home or going to the boring movies on my days off. I love to go out, but there is hardly any time I have to myself. Among our favorite places to visit in Amarillo, there really isn’t much to do on normal nights. However, this October there will be plenty of stuff to do! Despite varieties in music, Yellow City Bomb Shelter has created an atmosphere where different styles can come together in music. I enjoy the atmosphere, the staff and the people. Plus, the door always is super affordable. They sell a variety of beer as well as other alcoholic beverages – for those of age, of course. It’s generally a fun venue to visit. I moved into Amarillo two years ago, and the first friends I made were at this venue. Yellow City Bomb Shelter is located at 6007 Amarillo Blvd. East. Some of my favorite bands to see there are Another Texas Murder Scene, Smells like Someone Died, Cidal, Back Handed Complement and BSZ. This venue not only has local artists, but bands such as Otep, Thira, Hemlock and many other artists play there as well. Yellow City Bomb Shelter has many other things to do other than just music. The venue also has an open mic night and Galatea Burlesque. Also, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 10 at Ellwood Park, Amarillo Activity Youth Center will host a Zombie Walk. There will be activities and booths set up for all participants to engage as others are signing in. Many guest speakers and a variety of performers will be at Ellwood Park throughout the event. During this time there will be judging going on for several different categories of zombies. Six blocks will be reserved from traffic as we will have the Zombie Walk to the Van Buren Frightmare, the AAYC’s Local Haunted House at 7th and Van Buren. Awards will be presented to winners in various categories. The cost of the event is $25 to compete. The AAYC will donate $500 to local school theater arts programs after the event. So go have a blast and also support local schools’ theater arts programs. Other great hot spots in Amarillo include Amarillo R&R (21-plus), Amarillo Drum Circle, Red Light Coffee and Vape (vape is 18-plus), Zombie Bar and Grill, the 806 and many other places. What I did when I first moved in was just get on social media and search, ask and add friends. Come on out Oct. 30 to Yellow City Bomb Shelter and support some of Amarillo’s local bands. I will have a blast, and you will, too!

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