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ACPD member | photo provided by Jenna Gibson
ACPD member | photo provided by Jenna Gibson

The Amarillo College Police Department is more than just an independent police force operating with state-certified peace officers that provide AC campuses with law enforcement specialties. Dead car battery jump-starts, retrieval of locked keys in cars, personal item engraving and the safety escort program are just a few of the additional services that ACPD offers to students, faculty and staff. Cpl. Scott Acker, ACPD patrol supervisor, discussed a few of the services AC students and staff should be aware of, emphasizing the fact that “this is all free.” ACPD can help unlock cars, jump-start batteries and help change flat tires. “If you have a flat tire, call us,” said Acker. “We’ll come out and help you.” Students needing a police escort, day or night, can contact the ACPD via their non-emergency phone number and simply request the daily service; which is available only on AC campuses. Acker said the process for securing the service is to “call and tell our dispatcher who they are, where they’re at and that they need an escort.” AC Police officers will escort individuals to and from their car, class, or wherever they need to go. Students and staff wanting to personalize items with engraving should contact them.“If you need something engraved, bicycle, electronics, anything that you feel that you’d like to have engraved with identification, we can do that,” Acker said. The ACPD also offers the AC community education and safety events.“We’re having a domestic violence awareness event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Oct. 7,” Acker said.The event will be on the Washington Street Campus in the Badger Den. It will feature free food, multiple vendors and support from the community who will be promoting education for October’s cause: domestic violence awareness. The event will include representatives of North West Texas Aid and Family Support Services and a guest speaker. Interfusion Kung Fu will provide a self-defense demonstration, and a Mary Kay consultant will provide cosmetic consulting and mini-makeovers as part of the event that also supports the national Mary Kay “Don’t Look Away” campaign.The ACPD has an open door policy that allows AC students and staff to pitch education ideas for the AC community that they feel are important. The ACPD is willing to set up future classes and events for ideas that benefit the AC community. Elijah Celestin, a mass media major, expressed interest in the idea that he could bring his ideas to the ACPD and do more for the AC community.“I want to be a part of something,” Celestin said. Being able to express his concerns to the ACPD can help him “be more involved with Amarillo College,” he said.Dr. Stefanie Decker, an assistant professor of social sciences, said she was aware of some of the services ACPD offers.“I know if it’s dark and I need someone to walk me to my car, I can call and they’ll walk me to my car,” Decker said. She also was familiar with some of the training events ACPD hosted last semester.She said the “active shooter” training she received “was very useful.” Other AC students were not familiar with all the services offered by ACPD.First-year student Shakiala Gentry, a nursing major, said she was not aware of most of the services offered. “I would probably take advantage of all of it,” she said.Cynthia Rodriguez, an education development major, said the services being offered would be helpful if the need arose.“I really don’t know how to change a tire,” so the fact that she can get help “is awesome,” Rodriguez said. The ACPD can be reached for non-emergency issues at 806-371-5163.For emergencies, the ACPD should be called at 806-371-5911. The ACPD office is in 111-A Durrett Hall on the Washington Street Campus.

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