BREAKING NEWS: AC employee stuck in Lynn Library elevator

An Amarillo College employee was stuck in the elevator between the first and second floors of the Lynn Library around 3 p.m. Thursday.

Scott Acker, crime prevention officer, was the first at the scene. Responders were able to reset the elevator and release the employee within about 10 minutes of arriving on the scene, Acker said. The employee suffered from a panic attack after being released and received medical attention from EMTs, but she will not need to be hospitalized.

“She’s OK,” Acker said. “She’s just having a panic attack from being stuck on the elevator, and they’re just trying to get her to breathe and cool down her breathing, and she will be OK.”

Mark Hanna, the college librarian, was a witness.

“She just got caught in the elevator between the first and the second floor,” Hanna said. “Some people can handle that real well, and others can’t. She was in there for a few minutes as they were trying to respond. She just had never experienced that before. She’s just having a little panic attack.”

The elevators are used frequently, which could be a reason why they break down, Acker said.

“As far as I know, I’ve been here for nine months, and the elevator’s only got stuck once or twice.”

The elevator is now open for use.

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