Matney honors 2 recipients with President’s Special Achievement Award

Bruce Cotgreave, director of the physical plant, was one of the recipients for the President's Special Achievement Award.
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Bruce Cotgreave, director of the physical plant, was one of the recipients for the President’s Special Achievement Award.
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Amarillo College Dr. President Paul Matney presented Judy Carter, honors coordinator, and Bruce Cotgreave, director of the physical plant, with President’s Special Achievement Awards at the board of regents meeting, April 22.

Carter came from Utah to work in Texas. She worked for 21 years at Amarillo High school as director of theater before being hired by AC in 1992 as a speech professor.

While at AC, Carter has coordinated the honors program, been involved with the Presidential Honors since its foundation, traveled with students on various international trips and has been a student advocate, Matney said.

Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, vice president for academic affairs,whohas worked alongside Carter, also gave a few words about his working with her. Lowery-Hart said he is most proud of the students that he and Carter have “shaped together.”

“Judy is the epitome of what it means to be an Amarillo College employee and student advocate,” Lowery-Hart said.

Carter cited student achievement as a result of faculty and community support.

“We do dream big at Amarillo College, and we succeed,” Carter said. “We do incredible things, but it’s because of so many people who say ‘Yeah, try it.’”

Cotgreave, a graduate of Palo Duro High School, helped make the Amarillo High School monument at 12th and Polk Street possible. He worked at Boys Ranch as supervisor of physical plant operation from 1987 to 1995 and was director of services and support from 1995 to 1998.

Among Cotgreave’s accomplishments is work on the AC construction bond issue of 2007, work on the Technical Training Center on the Moore County Campus in Dumas and work on the Hinkson Memorial Campus in Hereford.

“For all the wonderful work that you do, for all of these constituents, thank you very much,” Matney said.

Cotgreave thanked his staff and said he wanted to accept the award on behalf of them because of the work they do.

“We have enjoyed this journey, especially with the 2007 bond project,” Cotgreave said. “And we look around, at the physical plant, with pride at what this college has been able to do with this bond issue.”

The Student Government Association report was presented by Claire Villanueva, public chairwoman for the SGA, and Sarah Connell, vice president of the Texas Junior College Student Government Association.

According to Heather Atchley, director of student life, Connell will serve as vice president on the 2014-2015 state executive board and will attend meetings in Dallas to plan for next TJCSGA convention.

Villanueva said, SGA members won second place in the Song of the Year competition and placed third in the Event of the Year competition during the TJCSGA convention.

AC was elected to serve as Region 1 president and will represent AC as the vice president on the executive board.

Also at the meeting, Ellen Green, chief of communication and marketing, and David White, a Web and communication specialist, presented the new website,, which will allow students to get information about careers they are considering.

White said the website will be “as simple as Google” and among the things users will be able to see after searching for a career are related careers, degrees and current job postings.

Green said the website, which is free, also incorporates a resume builder.

Regent Michele Fortunato, presented the family housing subcommittee report. The board approved a rate increase of $50 in rent for housing on AC properties owned and rented at the East Campus. The increase was presented to match the adjacent property rent rate and to subsidize repairs.

Matney presented a report of the energy cost saving subcommittee. He cited a possible partnership with Cenergistic, an energy conservation company. The committee in charge of the project includes Matney and regents Johnny Mize and David Woodburn.

The proposal represents only the Washington Street Campus, and the regents moved to look into extending the plan to the other campuses. Regent Carroll Forrester wanted to see more information of the effectiveness of the energy cost savings project. The consensus was to move forward and discuss the topic at the next board meeting in May.

Regent Paul Proffer, chairmen of the presidential search committee, said the opening for the position of college president has been announced.

According to Lynn Thornton , director of human resources, the committee is composed of Proffer, Fortunato and Woodburn of the board of regents, classified employees Cherie Haney and Brenda Sadler, administrator Jerry Moller, Faculty Senate Chairman Bruce Moseley, and student representative Seth Brogdon.

Beginning April 14, following AC policy, the position was posted to internal candidates for five work days and then on April 22, the position was opened to all interested candidates who met the requirements. A news release states that the position has been advertised on numerous websites and in various publications, including the magazine, The Chronicle of HIgher Education.

The deadline for applications is June 16, and the date for naming a new president is not fixed due to “the nature of finding and selecting the best qualified candidates,” the release reads.

Items approved at the April 22 meeting were:

· Amendments to the college president qualifications are the required minimum of education of a doctorate from a regionally accredited institution and at least five years of successful experience.

· The renewal of the contract for assessment and collection of taxes for the period covering July 14, 2014, through June 30, 2014, between AC and Moore County.

· The order of annexation of territory to the Amarillo Junior College District.

· Sale of one Potter Country property at $22,885.20 and two lots of Randall County property at both $2,500 obtained through a sheriff’s sale.

· Faculty promotion in rank recommendations for Gretta Johnson, instructor to assistant professor of mathematics, Samuel Schwarzlose, assistant professor to associate professor of biological sciences.

· Purchase of two Dimension SST 1200es 3D printers for classes of introduction to engineering, statics and engineering mechanics for a total cost of about $80,000. Funds will come from an HSI-STEM Grant.

· Budget amendment approved the increase of appointed personnel pool of the advising department of $16,000 taken away from the contingency pool of the institutional operation on the Moore County Campus.

· Jim D. Koontz & Associates Inc. was selected as a roofing consultant as a result of storm damage in May 2013. The funds are available from insurance settlement proceeds.


No action was taken on the consideration of a tax abatement agreement with MWI Veterinary Supply Co.

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