EDITORIAL: Technology requires discipline

As technology becomes more and more important in our lives, the challenge of keeping a healthy relationship with it becomes greater. The best types of relationships are those in which each partner can accomplish more than they could alone while also maintaining their own identity. Each side supports the other and is encouraged to achieve their fullest potential.

Our relationship with technology is one that too often can feel like being with a controlling, psycho boyfriend or girlfriend who doesn’t want us to be ourselves.

We can’t go anywhere without it. It tracks our location moment by moment and always wants to know what we’re thinking. If we let it, technology will take up all our time so we can’t have other healthy relationships.

There always is an e-mail that needs to be read or a text message demanding a reply. We get back pain from spending so much time sitting in front of our monitor, eye strain from reading every blog and status update and carpal tunnel from all the typing demanded of us. Our agitation rises as the WiFi signal bars go down.

Technology requires discipline. It is pervasive, and it literally goes everywhere with us. Without setting healthy boundaries, it is easy to be overwhelmed.

Taking back control and seeking a proper balance does not mean being anti-technology. It means we recognize that technology is a tool that can be used to improve our lives. It is not a substitute for life, and it should not control our lives.

That is why balance is so important. When the technology fails – and it will fail – we still should know how to function without it.

When the Internet stops working, how many people actually go do something else? Instead, we more than likely spend all that time trying to get the Internet back on. When the GPS is sending you in circles, how many times do you go back and forth before pulling out a map?

Technology is increasingly necessary in today’s world, and there is nothing wrong with embracing it. In fact, we should learn everything we can about technology. It is a huge factor in determining how far we go in the work force, and those who refuse to accept that will be left behind. Most places require online applications, which immediately weeds out anyone who is unfamiliar with computers or the Internet.

We should seek to become masters of technology; but we also need the discipline to set proper boundaries, or it will quickly master us.

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