Wendy’s, toes and puppy dog pee

By Bailie Myers

Senior Reporter


It was a normal Saturday night with friends. We piled in each other’s cars and went to the Wendy’s on Gem Lake Road to get a late-night snack.

If we only had known the horror we would experience when we were there.

With our food ordered, we were enjoying our night full of laughter and joy when the unspeakable happened.

A couple came into the Wendy’s; at first they looked normal, but on closer inspection they were not.

They were dressed in dirty clothes and were carrying a cute little puppy. It was such an odd mix, I wanted to believe they were nice, innocent people, but it didn’t last long.

As we were eating, the woman sat down in front of us at a table. As her boyfriend came over and bent down to take her boot off, she yelled at us across the restaurant.

“Hey! Look over here! Look over here!”

Well, reader, we looked. We looked and could not stop looking.

The woman’s boyfriend had taken her boot and sock off and started licking and sucking her toes. As this was happening, I responded in the only logical way one could in such a situation like this one: by eating the french fries off my friend’s tray as if I were eating popcorn at the movies.

She continued to smile and grin at us while shouting nonsense. We stared on in wonder as their puppy peed on the floor during their toe-sucking trance.

The manager stormed over in anger, yelled and complained about the dog and threatened to call the police if they didn’t leave.

This was only the beginning.

As if watching someone lick someone’s feet while trying to enjoy a meal wasn’t disgusting enough, we got a front row seat to domestic abuse.

The couple decided it was best they went outside, only to start arguing in front of the door.

The argument quickly came inside the restaurant and led to choking, fighting and screaming. We still sat eating our food while making quirky faces at the management.

Eventually the police showed up and broke up the fight, but only after management had chased the woman into the bathroom as she ran from her boyfriend and flushed an unknown substance down the toilet.

How do I know all these details? Wendy’s is a relatively small establishment and the yelling only echoed into my little innocent, fry-loving ears.

All I wanted was some quiet time with my friends.

It ended up being much better than that.

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