The winds of change blow students toward success

By Sonnet Relph

Editorial writer


Fall is here. Leaves are changing colors, the air is crisp and cool and students are getting into the rhythm of the semester. Autumn’s breezes have brought with them a new windfall of Phi Theta Kappa members.

Amarillo College’s PTK Beta Eta chapter held their Fall Induction ceremony on Sept. 27 where the following students became lifetime members of PTK: Joshua Allison, Julian Alvarez, Samuel Brandt, Luke Castleman, Alyssa Correa, Savannah Creston, Cody Dye, Sarah Evans, James Harper, Daniel Hernandez, Heather Herring, Antonia Lara, Nessa Locke, Deisy Lopez, Bonnie McClure, Sarah McMahan, Meagan Nations, Meagan Odle, Jenny Ortega, Julian Ovalle,Tosca Reis, Jennifer Secor, Nicole Stell, Dava Terrell, Kayla Todd, Dayton Trent, Mary Vasquez, , Kammi Warr, Allison Wilbur, Sarah Woodrome and Rebeccah Zylstra.

“It was so wonderful to see how many dedicated students we have,” Briony Foster, co-sponsor of PTK and biology instructor said. “I was thrilled that we were able to honor their achievements.”

Biology instructor and PTK sponsor Dalila Paredes said, “It is a privilege to have a PTK chapter at AC and we really want the administration to know that we plan on being a success by becoming a five-star chapter and a leader among Phi Theta Kappa members. We hope they will continue to support and encourage these students so they will become great leaders in the community and the world.”

Students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher from all AC campuses were invited to join. Thirty-one accepted the invitation. A new location for the ceremony was chosen and it was a success. “This was our first induction in the Concert Hall Theater,” Paredes said. “The venue really created an atmosphere that felt very special and intimate. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it.”

Most students and their families weren’t as excited by the setting as they were thrilled to become a part of the PTK Beta Eta chapter. Laurie Odle, ACPD dispatcher and mother of nursing major, Meagan Odle whole-heartedly supported her daughter. She went so far as to eagerly share the good news with fellow co-worker Officer David Pearson. Her exclamation of, “See, I told you she was smart. She takes after her Mama and I am so proud of her,” made all those within earshot smile.

For more information about PTK contact Dalila Paredes at: 345-5684 or 371-5256. She can also be reached by email at:

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