Need a summer job? Look no further than AC

It’s time for summer loving and having a blast. It also means that while some people stay in school to speed up their education others use this opportunity to seek employment and make a little cash. Looking for a job can be a pretty overwhelming ordeal, here are a couple of ideas that you can consider right here at Amarillo College.

Have a knack for writing? Consider working at the Writer’s Corner in Ordway Hall. According to Writer’s Corner Coordinator Charlie Clark, this is a tutoring center for any student needing help with any writing assignment. Let me reiterate that. Any writing assignment.

From engineering, to journalism, to a history essay, they will help with any writing assignments in any class as long as there are “…words on paper that make sentences and paragraphs,” said Clark. The summer hours are 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. While there are plenty of spots open in the fall, the summer positions are getting booked up fast.

How about radio? FM90’s Program Director Brian Frank says that as soon as the semester is over, opportunities to be on the radio will be available. While it is a great way to hone your radio personality skills while getting paid, it is only available between the end of the spring and summer I, between summer I and summer II, and between summer II and fall. Very limited, but very fun.

There are also jobs working in the library and the various labs on campus as a student assistant. These jobs, however, tend to stay pretty staffed so it pays to get in early.

Speaking of assistance, there is also AskAC where you can help assist students with getting enrolled, answering frequently asked questions, and pointing them in the direction of where they need to go. AskAC also has the bonus of working at either the front counter for in person experience or the call center to practice your phone support skills.

And if you just want AC’s help in obtaining a job there’s the College Central Network, that’s what student assistant and Pre-Chemistry Major Jasmine Vega says. She started just a few weeks ago and said “I love it. They really work with your school schedule and I have time to study.”

You can look the CCN up at Brian Frank can be reached at 371-5287. Charlie Clark’s number is 345-5579. AskAC is 371-5000 and for any other questions about student summer jobs, call 371-5147 or email

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