OPINION: The geeks have won the earth

David Duenes

Ranger Reporter

The geeks have won the Earth.

There is no denying that what used to be looked down upon, mocked, ridiculed or even dismissed as “nerdy,” “geeky” or “dorkish” is what is popular now. Popular isn’t even the right word to describe it.

Geek Culture has ascended to a place on the backbone of society.

It is impossible to remember how life existed before geekdom began its course.

I could discuss this for hours, but I’ll slim it down for time’s sake.

Computers. They were a “nerd” commodity. Computer “nerds” were ridiculed for their intellect, fashion faux pas and social failings.

Steve Jobs made a computer that goes everywhere you go. Now, everyone has a computer in their pocket.

The iPhone, iPod, iPad and non-Apple devices are literally on-the-go computers. Anything you can do on a computer, you can do on these mobile devices. Nerds.

Comic books. Comic book “geeks” were laughed at for their love of a medium that appealed to the imaginative and artistic nature of storytellers.

The stories and art of comic book writers and artists drove fans to try to replicate this art form on their own.

The Avengers movie that came out last year was a billion dollar film worldwide.

Spiderman, Batman, X-Men and multiple independent, low-budget, no-name comic book films preceded it and paved the way for Iron Man 3, The Wolverine, Kick A__ 2 and Man of Steel, which will come out this year. Geeks.

Video games. Those who were not athletic were teased for being video game dorks.

Now a new video game is being released almost every day via computer, mobile device or video game console.

Midnight releases of games are being staged as parties and exclusive content or gifts are given.

Video game companies sponsor everything from TV shoes to fighting events. Dorks.

T-shirts, belts, jackets, backpacks and other articles of clothing are worn and can be seen worldwide depicting images of computer companies, comic book heroism and video game characters.

TV shows such as The Walking Dead and the aptly titled Comic Book Men show how far comic books have come in society.

The iPhone 6 already has been announced, and people are waiting by the door for the new computer handheld device to enhance their lives.

WiiU was the newest Nintendo console to come out, but now the public is chomping at the bit for pictures of the rumored Playstation 4, and after that will come the next XBox.

No longer are the comic-book-reading geeks, video-game-playing dorks or computer nerds being shoved aside.

We are the new world order.

And if you thought this was as good as geekdom gets, wait ’til you see what we’ve got coming next.

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