EDITORIAL: Come let your voice be heard

Amarillo College has a Student Government Association that consists of students elected by other students “to represent the student body in all matters to the Board of Regents, the administration and the faculty,” according to its web page.

SGA’s purpose is to provide student development, to act on behalf of the student body, to represent the greater good of the student body to the college administration and to engage in community service.

Members are responsible for planning student programs such as Badgerama, Fallfest, Spring Fling and more.

SGA also is the the group that plans and orchestrates the Distinguished Lecture Series. Its members decide who will speak at the distinguished lectures for the college. The funds collected from the lectures go to SGA-specific scholarships.

Students desire a voice in how their educational experience is or will be.

It often is easier for them to speak with their peers about things they see that could be improved than it is to speak to faculty members.

We believe the SGA is underutilized as a communication tool.

We suggest that a large number of students are not aware of the fact that the SGA is meant to be their voice. We want to change that. College is meant to be a good environment, promoting new ideas, encouraging innovation, supporting teamwork and teaching leadership skills. SGA is meant to be an advocate and support system for students.

Students with suggestions or complaints regarding the greater good of the student body who wish to heard can contact Mikhaela Sample, the current SGA president.

If it is a viable suggestion or issue, she takes it to the SGA executive board. If board members cannot resolve the issue or think they need the voice of a larger number of students, they take it to the SGA general assembly.

When issues need further attention, they are taken to specific faculty members. Depending on the issue, it is referred to various people on campus.

Behavioral issues are taken to April Sessler, associate vice president of student affairs, and if they need further attention they are referred to Robert Austin, vice president of student affairs.

Academic issues are brought to the attention of Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, vice president for academic affairs.

Anyone interested in learning more about SGA and how it can advocate for change is welcome to attend the organization’s weekly meetings.

They are conducted from noon to 1 p.m. each Wednesday in the Badger Den on the second floor of the College Union Building, room 208.

Come by and let your voice be heard.

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