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Copies of the 2013 edition of The Freelancer, a collection of original poetry, short stories, essays and reflections, will be available for pickup in early May.

The Amarillo College English department and The Freelancer invite submissions from all AC students, faculty and staff members. Submissions need to be original and unpublished. They must include name and contact information. They must be saved on electronic media or emailed as an attachment. Submissions also can be hand-delivered to a member of the English department at 101 Ordway Hall. Each submission becomes the property of The Freelancer until after its publication. Submissions will be returned only if the author submits a written request along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Charlie Clark, Writers’ Corner coordinator, said, “Submissions are accepted until April 5, and the Freelancer committee votes on who will be published by majority vote.” Clark said the published items are wonderful literary articles, campuswide, composed from the whole school year. She said recent editions of The Freelancer have artwork that art professors have submitted. She said the committee votes on the artwork as well.

The Freelancer has been published since 2004. The committee chairwoman is Margie Waguespack.

Waguespack, an English professor, said, “It is related to a contest called Writers’ Roundup. It is an annual contest. The grand prize and first-place winners of Writers’ Roundup are automatically published in Freelancer from every category.”

Debbie Ortega, an administrative clerk in the English department, said, “The Writers’ Roundup winners received various prizes; grand prize winner won $100, three first-place winners won $75 and three second-place winners won $50. The Freelancer, however, does not give prize money. It just publish’es the writing.”

In the back of The Freelancer, on page 51 in the 2012 edition, is a feature section reserved for the Common Reader program, which is a program designed to help incoming freshmen interact with AC. Students are asked to write a personal narrative, short story or poem.

Copies of the 2012 ninth edition of The Freelancer are bright purple and free to all. They can be picked up outside the staff offices in Ord­way Hall. For more information, contact Waguespack at:

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