What is the most heartfelt gift you’ve received?

This week, students discuss Valentine’s day gifts.

Nellie Sherali
Nellie Sheralibiology major

“A ring from my mom because it was passed down through the family”



Alexis Allen
Alexis Allen education major

“My aunt sent me a brownie just because. I liked that.”

Jessica Solorzano
Jessica Solorzanoart major

“A little necklace I like a lot.”



Barret Jines
Barrett Jinescomputer science major

“A laptop. It was on sale but it was just what I wanted.”


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  1. The most heartfelt gift i ever received was a plaque from my fiancee that said "Everything will fall into place as long as we're together" it meant a lot because its very true and we mostly have to fight with the world to be with eachother

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