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2013 Social MediaThe Creative Mind Lectures are a longstanding series of lectures centered around one topic each year. Kristin Edford, a humanities instructor, is in charge of the series.

“This year is the 30th anniversary of the Creative Mind Lectures, and it involves one topic to be spoken on by three to four speakers,” Edford said.

Each lecturer gives his or her particular view on the topic. The lectures are free to students and to the public.

Carol Nicklaus started the lectures after feeling a need to give back to the community, and she solicited donations for the program..

“Back then it was called ‘The Creative Mind,’ and the very first speaker was Maya Angelou,” Edford said.

Last year the lectures were about New York, which covered film, riots and lifestyle. This year, the lectures are centered on the social media, the dangers they may pose and the potential consequences – or as Edford put it, the dark side of the medium.

The lecturers will talk about photographs on social media; self-diagnosis and other medical decision-making involving social media; and social media addiction.

The first lecture, titled, “Looking Good Online: Online Impression Judgments in Social Media,” is scheduled for noon March 21 in the Oak Room of the College Union

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