Opinion: Life’s uncertainties and people who make them worthwhile

By Kendal Kuehler
Feature Editor

There are only a few things certain in life, and unfortunately for most, our major isn’t one of them. We all might make plans, but lets face it, life never goes the way we expect or plan it to, which in essence, I think, is the beauty of it.

Not knowing where my life journey would take me after high school, I started at Amarillo College.

I wasn’t ready to leave home, and I was undecided on the “college life” and career I wanted to pursue. After my first semester, I ended up changing my major from pre-nursing to mass communication.
My methods of choosing my degree I would not recommend. I basically went down the degree list and found one where I could graduate the quickest with the credits I already had earned. Ironically, I landed in an amazing field that has brought me a great experience. In reality though, the Big Man had a plan that I would never expect.

So what made my experience at AC? Well, I have to give a lot of credit to my professors. They all were wonderful with the knowledge they taught and the sincerity of caring for their students.

I enjoyed all my professors and give them a great big thanks, because they impacted this kid’s life in a great manner.

Some of these characters will be very hard to forget, like Dr. Claudie Biggers, who I just call Doc. She is a ball of energy and humor who acts as your mama hen.

There is Jill Gibson, who I must thank for steering me into mass communication. Not only that, props go out to her considering that I have never fallen asleep in any of her classes. (I will try on the last day.) This might have something to do with her third-degree in sarcasm.I do owe Mike Haynes a thank-you for convincing me to be on the Ranger staff. Although many times it wasn’t enjoyable, overall it was good for me. I will miss that teddy bear with a mustache.

Rene West is awesome and has offered me great insight, but she also knows that she will be seeing me again.

There are two other people I owe thanks to. First is Bailie Myers, the non-socially awkward home-schooler who is the editor of The Ranger. You can’t but help smiling with her presence of innocence and sweetness. She was an awesome person to work beside.

The last person is my love, David Gisch. You have done wonderful things in my life, and I am so thankful that our major brought us together. I look forward to pursuing this journey with you.

The people at AC are what made my experience. I was not particularly excited to attend AC, but now I’m sad leaving. It was a great opportunity and start.

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