Pair of inspiring Badgers makes powerful team

By Emily Prestwood

Morgan Powers and Jalee Selman

When some people think of visiting an elementary school room, they might imagine wild, rambunctious children bouncing off the walls and breaking rules for fun.
Those like Morgan Powers, however, see an opportunity to exercise the patience and skill of loving and teaching each child in the class.
As an Amarillo College student, Powers hopes to someday get a doctorate in psychology.
She attends AC because she was undecided about her future when she graduated from Amarillo High School last spring.
“I heard that AC was a good place to get my basics out of the way and figure out what step I wanted to take next,” she explained.
Powers works as an extended school day tutor. Work prevents her from participating in any AC clubs, but she still helps the community when possible.
Jalee Selman, a missions and sociology major, is an ESD tutor as well.
Although they claim to be polar opposites, Powers and Selman have been close friends for more than four years.
Selman describes Powers as a girl who talks more than she breathes, yet Selman recognizes Powers’ heart for other people.
“She has a passion for leading children, which is seen every day when she works in the after-school program,” Selman said.
Powers said she volunteers at several church events and works in the nursery on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings at Hillside Christian Church.
Between class and caring for the community, Powers and Selman enjoy doing what they call “random stuff,” including renting old movies to watch while they attempt to cook various recipes found on Pinterest.
“Well, Jalee sits on the couch while I make the Pinterest dish, and then she eats it,” Powers said.
K’Ree Klarich, a graphic design major, described Powers as a sweet and lovable friend.
“She has a very kind heart and can always make you smile,” Klarich said.
Powers also displayed her kindheartedness in high school as president of Student Crime Stoppers.
“I still like to go back and help them out with their public service from time to time,” Powers said.
If someone has not had the privilege of Powers brightening their day, it probably is because she was rushing to her car, cranking up the music and racing to the next class to teach and enrich the lives of children.

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