Psychology club: “informative and educational”

By Helen Hernandez

Ranger Reporter

The Amarillo College psychology club is more than just a club—it also is a valuable learning experience.
“The club as a whole is being informative and educational’’ said Christy Schroeder, president of the club. The members learn new ideas that can help them relate to others.

The club does activities throughout the year, giving the members a better learning experience in the field. The club will have its first fundraiser Oct. 31, selling chili dogs, chips, drinks and a dessert for $5 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the clock tower on the Washington Street Campus.

The club has started showing psychology videos during some of its meetings.

“We started the movies as a way to experience psychological sessions without violating confidentiality,’’ said Dr. Elizabeth Rodriguez, a club sponsor.

Club activities include volunteer work in the community, watching informative videos that help teach members various aspect of psychology, attending psychology conferences and hosting professional guest speakers.

The last conference the club attended was the Brain Therapy Conference at the Pavilion. A speaker talked about autism and narrow plasticity, which is the brain’s ability for healing itself. Members who attended the Brain Therapy Conference received six EDU credits for participating.

The next conferences in November and December will be about the reactor detachment disorder and another on the criminal side and handwriting.

Member Ariel Roberson said she likes the learning part of the club.

“I wasn’t expecting we would learn a lot,” she said. “We actually learn different aspects of psychology and all types of disorders and fields we can go into.”

The club will assist Phi Theta Kappa in collecting gifts for Project Elf, and a few of the club sponsors have volunteered to be dunked at a dunking booth fundraiser in November.

The club was a partner with the biology club Oct. 13 for a highway cleanup near Coyote Corner on Interstate 27.

Students don’t have to be psychology majors to join the club.

“Psychology club is a diverse club filled with different majors,” Schroeder said.

The club meets each Tuesday in 212 Warren Hall. Snacks are provided for every meeting.

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