New Student Orientation

Incoming freshmen who attend new student orientation get a lot of knowledge that will help their transition into college.


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amarillo college mascotImagine a campus where the buildings have no signs and classrooms don’t have room numbers.

That is what college would be like for some students at Amarillo College if they did not attend new student orientation.

Courtney Milleson, an assistant professor in advising and counseling, said, “New student orientation is a way for us to connect with all incoming freshmen and give them the basic information they need to be more successful in college.”

At NSO, AC employees help answer questions for freshmen such as: Where can I get my books, where can I check my financial aid, how do I get a job on campus and where are all my classes located?

A student can attend NSO by attending Badger Boot Camp, large orientations or online.

The most common is Badger Boot Camp, which is conducted as a large orientation for students and includes free food, games and a campus tour.

If a student is unable to attend Badger Boot Camp, he or she can sign up online to attend an orientation instructed by Milleson.

Her orientations take place from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month. “Nine times out of 10 when a student comes to NSO, they think they don’t need it, but they walk out of NSO going ,‘I’m glad I went,’” Milleson said.

New student orientations this fall will be hosted with representatives from both AC and West Texas A&M University, giving a chance for new students who are transferring to a university to meet with other college representatives and understand the transfer process now rather than right before a transfer.

Baily Spangler, an education major, is a freshman who attended Badger Boot Camp with friends this summer. She said food and games were provided and students were shown important campus locations.

“It helped some people because they didn’t know where to get books and how to find classes,” Spangler said.
NSO provides an to start classes with confidence instead of confusion.

“Anything we can do to help students be more successful is exactly what we are going to do,” Milleson said.

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